Pancake Day and Brazen Spiced Sugar

A European Christian tradition that has a lot to do with feasting before the beginning of Lent, Pancake Day is admired by many secular societies because any day devoted to the consumption of pancakes has got to be a good thing.

Here is a pretty dang foolproof recipe for home made pancakes (that taste a thousand times better than those shakey-bottle pancakes from the supermarket.)

Our Brazen Spiced Sugar goes awesome on pancakes.

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Blackberry Season

How HOT is this summer?

At Brazen Spices we like it hot – but 47 degrees? Maybe not. Hope you’re all coping with the heat.

The best thing about summer is Blackberry Season. In fields across the east coast of Australia, those prickly clumps of blackberries are beginning to fill with plump juicy berries (incredibly, that’s despite the heat!) If you live near any such field you’re in luck but you feel like foraging,

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Vietnamese Pho Beef Soup

The search for the best bowl of Pho (pronounced a bit like ‘fur’) is one of life’s most exciting and fulfilling journeys. One of the crucial elements of a good Pho is the depth of flavour in the clear broth that accompanies the smooooooth soft rice noodes, aromatic herbs and super thin slices of beef. Traditionally, beef bones, cinnamon, cloves and star anise have to simmer for hours to be just right.

Sydney-siders are a lucky bunch.

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