Brazen Sugar Pancakes

A European Christian tradition that has a lot to do with feasting before the beginning of Lent, Pancake Day is admired by many secular societies because any day devoted to the consumption of pancakes has got to be a good thing.

Here is a pretty dang foolproof recipe for home made pancakes (that taste a thousand times better than those shakey-bottle pancakes from the supermarket.)

Our Brazen Spiced Sugar goes awesome on pancakes.

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Easy Five-Spice Apple Roses

Make these beautiful little tarts for a very special dessert or just to show off a little. They look difficult but are really very easy to make with only a few ingredients. For this recipe you will need a large muffin tin.

2 red apples – whichever variety you prefer.
Juice of one lemon
Bowl of water
2 tablespoons of your favourite jam – I used raspberry but it can be anything you like.

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