Lemon Myrtle Blend

Lemon Myrtle Blend


Quick Overview

An ideal partner to fish.

Rub on fish or use as part of a marinade.

Pairs well with roasted vegetables and chicken, or can be added to a cream sauce for the added depth of flavour.

Lemon Myrtle
Hybiscus flower
Sichuan Pepper

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Product Description

Australian lemon myrtle is the most well known and most used of any of the native bush foods that Australia produces. This is for good reason: lemon myrtle is such a versatile herb. It has a fresh lemony fragrance of lemon and lime that compliments so many ingredients.

In this blend I’ve added some extras to get a greater depth of flavour. Hibiscus flowers and sumac both have citrus tones to them and are great compliments to the lemon myrtle. Hibiscus and native pepperberry, as well as sichuan pepper, add flecks of brilliant colour and a subtle pepper flavour.

When all combined in this blend it really does add something really special to the dish. Used as a rub on some grilled or steamed fish, add to a crumb or rub onto some chicken. Works really well when a few spoons are added to a good quality  stock to make a unique poaching broth for chicken or vegetables.

Alternatively use the lemon myrtle broth and make a risotto with it. Add a spoon of this to a creamy pasta dish making a very simple meal that’s no-effort and full of flavour and a bit special.

Use a spoonful or two in your next bechamel and make an amazing vegetable lasagna or even just add it to your next pasta bake. Enliven a packet sauce with a teaspoon or two – it makes the ordinary into something interesting.

Additional Information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 cm
A Note on Quantity

The Brazen 35g jar contains a similar amount of spice as a standard supermarket-style Masterfoods or McCormick jar.


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