Seaweed Salt Blend - Brazen

Seaweed Salt Blend


Quick Overview

Natural Salt Blend.

A tasty natural blend of organic salt with organic dulse, wakami and nori flakes.

A little sichuan pepper in the background rounds off this tasty blend.

The seaweed compliments rather than overpowers.

Perfect for anything that needs a little extra flavour.

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Product Description

All of your trace minerals and nutrients are covered here.

Using three different types of seaweed (as opposed to only one usually found in most other seaweed salts), nori, wakame and dulse all play their part here.

Sichuan pepper gives some extra brazen flavour and the distinctive sichuan tingle.

Use our Brazen Seaweed Salt as you would use regular salt. Amazing when added to soups, fantastic on eggs or just sprinkle over the roast veggies and meat for something different.

Dulse flakes
Sichuan pepper
Wakami flakes
Nori flakes

Additional Information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 cm