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Shichimi Togarashi


Quick Overview

Japanese Seven Spice.

A Japanese seasoning that is used to add heat and flavour.

A little bit of citrus with the kick of chilli.

Flavours that tickle the tongue and enhance soups, noodle dishes, grilled meat, seafood, steamed vegetables and more.


Sichuan pepper
Citrus peel
White sesame
Black sesame

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Product Description

Japanese seven-spice. This blend is vibrant, alive and such a useful go-to spice for when you just need a little extra flavour with a touch of heat.

A balanced blend that has the heat of the chilli, the zest and life of citrus, the familiar tingle of the sichuan pepper, with nori flakes, sesame seeds and some capsicum rounding out the flavours.

The heat is there but is far from overpowering allowing all the other flavours in the blend to also be noticed as well as the food that it is enhancing.

Shichimi is used mainly as a table seasoning.

You can cook with it, but take care, it will catch and burn over high heat. I usually use it with steamed dishes or mix into a crumb and gently pan fry. Plain rice sprinkled with shichimi is one of my go-to easy weekday meals as is some steamed vegetables with this liberally sprinkled over the top.

On eggs it just works. Nuff said.

Noodles, salmon. even lamb and chicken love a little addition of shichimi.

Additional Information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 cm